Oracle and Sun

Everybody is talking about it. The top-of-the-line enterprise database vendor is acquiring the leader in portable application development, dynamic web applications, and, by transitivity, the top-of-the-line open source database. Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems, which recently acquired MySQL.

Java, Sun's software platform, has always had a good MySQL interface, and the open source community saw Sun's move as one that would strengthen the relationship between the two, though they were wary of Sun close-sourcing MySQL. Now that two levels of database are consolidated into a single company, we wonder where it will go.

A similar relationship exists between Solaris, Sun's Java-friendly operating system, and the Oracle database system - namely that the pair is the most popular implementation of an Oracle database server. We can only imagine the optimizations that may be possible now that intellectual property restrictions between the two entities are lifted.

The Linux Foundation seems to support the move and see great strides in the future of Linux and open source software. What do you think?

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