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Facebook members have been hard-hit recently by hackers and spammers who send messages through someone's Facebook account to all their friends - the message typically contains a single link, which generally points to a phishing attack with a page that looks like the Facebook login page that you get when you follow an internal Facebook link before logging in, like the ones that are sent in official Facebook notification emails. We can guess that people who follow those links and enter and submit their information should expect their accounts to be similarly compromised.

The recommendation I received when I reported one of these many incidents to the Facebook abuse team was to inform my friends to change their passwords and contact privacy@facebook.com to verify the security of their accounts.

Wishing you the safest Internet experience!

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Pope Benedict XVI on Hi-Tech Evangelization

Several news agencies recently published articles including Pope Calls for Internet Evangelists and Bearing Witness to the Faith through the Digital World, both referring to Wednesday's General Audience, at which the Pope did, indeed, speak on these matters.

It seems only appropriate that Open Source technologies be employed to meet this need - they are easy for the public to obtain, and therefore the best vehicle for introducing a message by way of a product that is entering the consumer market. Furthermore, the nature of Open Source software provides for customization and re-theming of applications, which could also be very effective at communicating the Good News via fully-functional software applications.

In addition to these aspects of technology, the Pope is particularly encouraging the use of prevalent social networks and the vast and diverse array of communication tools that today's young people have at their fingertips, and at which most are keenly proficient.

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