Followup on Moodle

The Moodle project, in which I participated this past semester, was a success, though not complete.

The reality is that, in Open Source, each contribution, though perhaps partial, helps the community at large. It is important that each code, technical, or design contribution be accompanied by appropriate documentation that explains its foundations and motivation, as well as sufficient technical documentation as to its specific functioning. Our project included just that, a 25-page report detailing our preliminary efforts, the tools we used, our end product, its flaws, and advice for improvements.

More specifically, we completed a fairly complete DB2 interface to echo those of MySQL, PostgreSQL and others already supported in the 1.9.x database scheme (the v2.0 scheme is different). We also completed some preliminary testing that helped us to further complete our implementation. The next team to take on this project will have their work cut out for them to guarantee that Moodle works fully on DB2.

Please drop any questions in the comment area below. Thanks!

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