Slax 7

My favorite rescue Linux distribution just released some major news!

Thomas M of the Slax project (really the sole maintainer) sent out the following email to a normally very quiet mailing list:

I'm happy to announce that Slax got financial support and I'm now working on a next major update, Slax version 7. There are no IFs or BUTs, I'm working on it almost fulltimeand the plan is to release Slax 7 within the next few months. 
That's it, that's the message I wanted to share. The next version of Slax, the version 7, will be a major update. It will be available for both 32bit and 64bit architectures, in 50 languages. Furthermore, I'm considering ARM architecture as well (waiting for myRaspberry IP computer). 
There is a huge amount of Linux distributions based on Slax already. I'm sure that the newrelease is going to determine the direction of many other projects in the future. I'll post regular progress updates on my blog and I'll seek there for your comments and your suggestions! So if you are interested, make sure to check that page often.  
Please share this on your facebook and other social media, so that every Slax fan can participate in the brainstorming :) Thank you very much! 
Tomas M 
the author and developer of Slax

So take him up on his offer - visit the blog and chip in! I found Slax incredibly useful for data recovery and backup when a computer was infected with a Windows virus or the boot disk stopped doing its job; the NTFS partition was usually intact and Slax was just enough linux to get the job done without getting in the way - files could be stored on an external hard drive or flash drive, or transferred out over the network.

I hope you will engage in this project if you find it useful and so contribute to the wealth of great tools we have in the open source community. Enjoy!

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