Slax 6

I have always appreciated the simplicity of Slax, and version 6 was long-awaited. I didn't try it out initially, for various reasons, but one of my friends had a hard drive-related problem and couldn't boot - a typical usage for a live CD with the simplicity and agility of Slax. So I downloaded and burned the 189MB ISO and fired it up in the broken machine.

I chose the copy-to-ram method from the graphical boot menu (an upgrade from the v5.8 text-based boot-loader), and a few minutes later the CD came out and I was looking at a full-blown KDE session with wireless networking already enabled and connected! The hardware support was incredible. I always had to tweak my xorg.conf and various network-related config files to get things to run nicely, but v6 runs like a dream!

If you're not already familiar with the Slax project, it is an implementation of the developer's live-CD library and utilities - another project well worth the research. For more information, check out Distrowatch's Slax page.

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