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I fell in love with Slackware as soon as I started to use it, frustrations with building from source aside, it is a very streamlined system. With the recent release of v12.1 I think I will give it another shot; I'm still running 11.0 with a (more) recent kernel, and many system library updates, as needed as dependencies for other programs... the funniest of all was upgrading flex, a text parser, because I had the 1997 version on my machine and pidgin wanted one from a few months ago or sooner - so I went to grab those packages and successfully built pidgin after having updated that dependency.

Another woe is using KDE 3.5.7 when 4.1 is almost here... it seems to be maturing nicely; I used an early beta via the OpenSUSE live disc but that was a very unpolished build... I have also used a more recent 4.0 build (or a 4.1 beta?) on Ubuntu, which is better but still a work in progress - 4.1 seems like it will finally be worth using, and they just announced the Cube desktop switcher, KDE native!

Another interest I have is running KDE on Windows and Mac - I use all three platforms daily (both Windows XP and Vista) and it would be nice to merge the interfaces together somewhat... hitting the key to the left of the spacebar as the primary modifier doesn't work so well in windows or linux... :) (CTRL(alt!) vs COMMAND key mappings). Plus, Amarok is undefeated in my eyes and I'm still using a very old version of it - can't wait for latest stable!

Another thought I have is to maybe switch over to a Slackware derivative with package management (like KateOS, which I reviewed a while back). We shall see... Always backup data and profile settings :)

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