Just celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday. I had changed my Facebook status to include 21 in the three alternate number systems used in computing: hexadecimal, binary, and octal. My only problem is that I frequently use the hex representation of 23, the date on which I was born; I mistakenly put down 21 = 0x17 = 0001 0111 = 027. Later in the day I was thinking about it and so changed it to the correct 21 = 0x15 = 0001 0101 = 025.

Even better, I was anticipating having a meeting with the Vice President on campus; I was invited by the Director of Student Life & Development, who was supposed to take me to the meeting. Upon arrival at his office, I found a note directing me to meet him at the pub on campus. When I got there, I was looking for him, but started recognizing familiar people, and then they all shouted, "Surprise!" It was an incredible feat, especially because I had spoken with everyone who attended earlier in the day or last week, letting them know about the big party this coming Saturday, and also seeing if anyone wanted to go out for drinks last night after my meeting - nobody gave it away! It was an awesome party, and quite unexpected.

If you were there or wanted to be - thanks!

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