Contributing to Open Source

This semester, I attack my senior project in Computer Science. We have been given the opportunity to contribute to Open Source as our senior project; of course, our experience will be well documented.

My team of four has taken on an altogether greater opportunity to work with IBM to encourage compatibility for Moodle with IBM's DB2 relational database management system (RDBMS). Moodle is an online course management system, written in PHP. Presently, Moodle's code supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Their framework is flexible enough to allow an extension to support DB2, so that is our endeavor.

We have found, so far, that it is not a trivial task to work together on such a project; we are presently one month into the project and are just finishing up our preliminary research, defining the scope of our contributions, and establishing our development and testing environments.

And so it begins - I transition from just using Open Source to contributing to it!

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