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This weekend is the Society of Women Engineers National Conference. It happens to be in my hometown. It is shockingly different to attend an incredibly technical event and be completely surrounded by women - we are talking a 95% constitution of those human beings producing more estrogen than testosterone. This is the complementary circumstance to that which I experience daily - namely, a vast majority of men at incredibly technical functions, especially Engineering classes.

The purpose of the Society of Women Engineers is best stated by the expanded title "Society for the Advancement of Women in Engineering" - after all, I am a national member, and I am male. Just as the National Society of Black Engineers encompasses all who promote the advancement of engineers of African descent, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists similarly encourage all who promote those who fall under those specific ethnic categories to succeed in Engineering, SWE is comprised of individuals who encourage women to excel and advance in the profession.

I was given the tag "I blog about SWE" and since that was not the case previously, it is now justified! Many women helped to pioneer earth-shattering breakthroughs in various engineering and technical disciplines, and their successes proved that it is not necessarily a male-dominated field, but it is so de facto.


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