Blackout against SOPA/PIPA

The biggest news in Internet policy and legislation these days are the twin Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), introduced in the House of Representatives and the Senate, respectively. Tomorrow, January 18, 2012, for the 24 hours beginning at midnight EST, the English Wikipedia and many other websites will execute a blackout in protest of this legislation. The blackout was chosen because it is effectively what will result when the government executes the censorship for which these bills provide - entire websites and services will become unavailable.

I will participate in the blackout, and all websites on my domain will be entirely offline, replaced by a simple statement of my opposition and a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's informational page on SOPA and friends.

Catch up on SOPA/PIPA via the EFF or my post from last month.

See you on the other side!

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