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I found recently that Scribd, the document hosting service, is incompatible with the Electronic Frontier Foundation's HTTPS Everywhere browser plugin. I was using Firefox (while Google Chrome and Opera successfully uploaded files). I first suspected Flash, and so closed my browsers and reinstalled Flash Player, with no change in behavior. Uploading a document with HTTPS Everywhere enabled failed in the following cases:
  1. From the Activity Feed's AJAX popup uploader: "(1333979476481): Security Error"
  2. From the Upload page: "Upload failed: (1333982598581): Security Error"
  3. Using the HTML upload page: page reloads with no error message and no success message when you try to upload a file.
HTTPS Everywhere is a plugin that not only uses an SSL connection whenever the web server supports it but also protects against a false sense of security by imposing rigorous standards for checking that the certificate is sufficiently trustworthy, based on the Certificate Authorities that signed it, as well as the particular cryptographic algorithms used, and the versions of SSL software and supported SSL protocols enabled on the remote server. Head over to the EFF website for more information.

Apparently, Scribd's certificates do not stand the test and the solution is to disable HTTPS Everywhere for the Scribd domain, using the toolbar drop-down menu as pictured below:
 Hope that helps relieve some of your frustration! Happy computing!

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